Scouts Newsletter Sept 2011

Another busy month!  For a variety of reasons the project at Newman Collard duckpond didn’t happen, but we didn’t waste any time.  For 2 weeks we did a crash course in some basic knots instead of the raft building, and now we can confidently tie the 5 basic knots used in Scouting.  This we followed up with the all important kit list for camps which was used for the following weekend at the Go Ape sleepover.

I am still waiting for the member update forms for some of you.  These are really important as it gives up to date contact information for me to pass on to you details of changes, and also emergency phone numbers in case of an accident.  If you’re not sure if one has been handed in let me know and I’ll check.

Summer camp dates have now been set and once the site have confirmed I’ll put some details up here.

Finally a reminder that we now start at 7:30 PM and finish at 9:30 PM and that mobile phones should not be brought to any Scout activity.