Scouts Go Ape weekend


At the end of September the Scouts had a shared night with the Beavers showing off their colouring skills (!) and generally helping with the evening, before getting stuck into cooking their own tea.  A meal of Spaghetti Bolognaise was (after some time) produced, ravenously eaten and eventually cleared away leaving the hut ready for an overnight sleepover.








A late night merged into an early morning, but by 06:30 the Scouts were back up and about.  An early morning hike through the village was taken by half the Troop, under the threat of any noise from them would lead to a slow and painful interrogation from the Scout Leader and various other people, but unscathed the group managed to walk to the minibus at the School, without waking anybody up!

A full breakfast followed, then lunches were made and once ready we piled into the minibus to Alice Holt for the much awaited Go Ape.  A comprehensive safety brief by an instructor at ground level was given, then it was off to course 1 for some final training on how to be sure we stayed clipped on at all times, then we were let loose!
















Zip wire   

  Leap of Faith

Treetop run



Finally a few ‘Thank yous’

Firstly to Nicola who scrubbed out the hut kitchen making it a much more pleasant place to use, and to Malcolm (parent), Alex (Assistant Beaver Scout Leader), and Gareth (Petersfield Scout Network) for your assistance without which this activity would not have been possible.