Scouts Winter Camp


Have I gone insane???

Nope I don’t think so.  Scouting is all about giving young people the opportunity to do things we wish we had ourselves within a safe framework.  Gilwell Winter Camp is a prime example of this.  For many years 2500 Scouts, Guides have kick started the new year at Gilwell Park, the Scout Associations UK Headquarters.

This year I would like to offer this to those Scouts who have gained 10 nights away or more.  My intention is to leave Liss on the Friday 6th January, arrive on site and put up tents in the dark (and probably wet).  The Scouts will then have until just after lunch on Sunday to try out the many activities on site including shooting and archery, crafts, water slide, prussiking, radio orienteering, wide games, quad bikes, go karts and a disco, camp fire and cinema.

I’m looking at the all inclusive package for the camp, in which all meals are provided.  Although this bumps the cost of the camp up it does mean that I know all those attending have had a hot meal 3 times a day without having to struggle with cookers etc.

Until I know numbers I can only guess at a cost of approximately £60 for the weekend including, site fees, all food and transport.  If you would like your son/daughter to attend then please contact me by 7th October.  A £28 non returnable deposit will be required by 9th October and full details will be on this site round about then.  DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 15TH OCTOBER

Please think carefully about this one, it’s a golden opportunity.  Everyone I’ve spoken to thinks it’s a great weekend.  Have a look at the video on the Winter Camp 2012 site,  it is at  Last year’s details can be found at

Please don’t book through an external site, I’ll do that for you so we all end up going together!