Scouts Newsletter – Aug 2011

Hello to all Scouts and Parents,

Firstly an apology, the end of last term was a bit of a nightmare for me, with problems at work, injuries and so on. Many thanks for your patience and also to the other group leaders and indeed District for their support!

On the plus side it is starting to look like I may be able to attend every week from the new year so that’s something to look forward to. For the moment though it’s still 2 out of 3 weeks (at best). We also have a new assistant leader, Tim Nicholson, who is in the process of getting his training done at the moment. Between us I’m sure we can get things running a lot better than they have been!

I’m also aware that there are a number of you to invest. This will be done by end of September once my own appointment has been approved.

Yes I know you want to go do-nutting, I do too, and I’m going to allocate 3 different nights to it so one of them will happen! Also the swimming went down very well so I think we can add that to the list of things to do.

We also have a request for help from the Newman Collard Playing Field Trust that involves getting very wet/muddy! Please keep 17/18th September free. We will need you all there!

On the subject of the programme I don’t mind putting something together for your approval on the 9th¬†September (which is the first week back). I’m also there the following week for any follow up queries.

Looking further ahead I’ve started sorting things out for the 2012 Summer camp. More details to follow in the new year, maybe a sneak preview depending on how I’m feeling later this year…..

The Autumn term is normally the quiet one, but I don’t think we will have that option.

See you all on the 9th!

Yours In Scouting,